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Samsung confirms Galaxy S9/S9+ feature improved call recording restrictions

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Samsung Galaxy S9 phones featuring Exynos CPU seem to be able to record phone calls.
Samsung Galaxy S9 phones featuring Exynos CPU seem to be able to record phone calls.

Since its advent, Galaxy S9 series has seen users not only complaining about Samsung’s decision to drop call recording functionality, but also for not being vocal about the change while launching and selling the phones.

Samsung’s latest security patch gives some Galaxy S9 and S9+ users the ability to record their phone calls they are reporting.

This month Samsung rolled out a security update for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, and some users have found that the update includes a new feature call recording.

It’s not for everybody though, according to 9to5Mac, it’s only available to Galaxy S9 models powered by the brand’s own Exynos CPU that are sold in select countries.

And even if Samsung could roll out the built-in feature to all devices it probably wouldn’t due to differing states’ laws as to the parties’ consent to the recording.

For example, in California, both parties need to agree, otherwise, it’s considered a wire-tap. Countries that supposedly have the new capability include Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Netherlands and the UK.

It was a user on Reddit who first spotted and screenshot the ‘record’ icon that sits in the top left corner during a call, along with options such as keypad, speaker, mute etc.

The posted image shows that once recording has begun, two different durations are displayed, one being the total length of the call, the other showing how long it’s been recording.

For those intrigued by such a feature, there are third-party apps, both free and paid that can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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