Microsoft working on a low-cost line of tablets

May 17, 2018 • Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

Microsoft working on low-cost line of tablets

Microsoft working on a low-cost line of tablets

Microsoft is planning on releasing a low-cost Surface tablet line towards the second half of 2018 that could potentially rival the iPad.

The new tablets will feature 10-inch screens and rounded corners, just like a standard iPad. They’ll also include USB-C connectivity, a new charging and syncing standard being used by some of the latest smartphones and also a first for Surface tablets.

The tablets are expected to be about 20 percent lighter than the high-end models, but will have less battery life, around four hours fewer. The current Surface Pro can last 13.5 hours on a single charge, according to Microsoft. Intel Corp. will supply the main processor and graphics chips for the devices.

Microsoft has tried this before in the past. Microsoft has tried this before. In 2012 they tried it with the launch of the original Surface RT. At the time, it was priced starting at $499. When the device didn’t fit well with consumers and product reviewers, the software giant shifted their focus to the more-expensive Surface Pro, a line that took off better and likely contributed to demand for a pro-oriented iPad, which Apple launched in 2015.


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