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New tools set to assist hearing impaired individuals

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New tools to assist hearing impaired
New tools to assist hearing impaired. (image source: ebay)

Anyone who struggles with their hearing will tell you that telephone conversations and meetings can be the most challenging of business settings. Even with hearing aids, following conversations in these situations can present a significant hindrance in communication and understanding.

Luckily, for many people who use hearing aids or have cochlear implants, a small device known as a ‘telecoil’ or ‘t-coil’ helps to filter out background noise in order for the individual to follow conversations. The t-coil works in conjunction with an audio induction loop which creates an electromagnetic field that allows audio sources to be picked up by the hearing aid directly – kind of like having one’s own personal ‘radio’ in the hearing device.

“Jabra understands the difficulties that many people who have hearing issues have. With this in mind, Jabra have developed several products to assist people with partial deafness and hearing impediments. In fact, there are several products that they provide that could help make things easier for those who struggle with their hearing,” explains Ruan Adlem, Business Development Manager, Southern Africa – Jabra at Westcon-Comstor.

Jabra has solutions for both digital and analogue communications systems. The only pre-requisite is that the user has a t-coil enabled hearing device. For analogue desk phones, the GN2100 tele coil (SKU 2127-80-54) with QD to USB amplifier (Link 860, SKU 860-09), QD button cable can be connected to the desk phone. What’s more, the GN2100 Tele coil SKU is perfect for Skype for Business.

When it comes to USB connectivity GN2100 Tele coil headset (SKU 2127-80-54) is perfect, and needs to be paired with a QD to USB amplifier, such as the Jabra Link 230/Link260 or Link 265 – an excellent combination for supervisor or training purposes. Jabra Direct is a requirement so that the remote call control can function.

Jabra also provides wireless tools, too, with the Jabra Handset 450 has a built-in tele-coil. The next option is to connect a Jabra Link 360/370 to a GN ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ supported by GN ReSound hearing aids. With its multiuse functionality, it can be paired to a Bluetooth dongle and cell phone with Bluetooth links.

“Jabra understands the obstacles that people with hearing issues have to overcome. They offer the best support to enable individuals with hearing impediments and deafness to do their best in the workplace. It may seem like a small thing to people who are hearing-abled, but having something like a t-coil in their communication systems can be life-changing for others,” Adlem concludes.

Jabra products are available through Westcon-Comstor.

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