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Top car apps for South African drivers

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Top car app
Top car apps for South African drivers.

The summer holidays are rapidly approaching and South Africa’s roads will soon become busier than ever, as people embark on road trips and day trips across the country to spend quality time with friends and family.

As the roads become busier, traffic congestion increases, parking becomes a nightmare, and we spend more on fuel. If you’re looking for a way to decrease the frustration and save a bit of time and even money, here are the top five car apps that could make getting around these holidays a little easier, written in collaboration with

Available on: Android & iOS

Sitting in traffic can be extremely frustrating. You might try to take different routes or try leave before rush-hour starts, but end up unable to avoid it. The Waze app offers real-time information about road accidents, speed traps, roadblocks or any other possible road hazards that might affect your trip. The most interesting part about the app is that it offers data that road users themselves have contributed, allowing drivers to come together on one platform and share alternative routes, and accident or roadblock updates. The app does have background map editors who constantly ensure the data in all areas is as accurate as possible.

Available on: Android

Ever wanted to try out a hands-free kit, but didn’t want to spend the money? Well, DashDroid offers you just that without the hassle of a purchase fee. The app eliminates the need for you to pick up your phone and look at it while driving by displaying the weather, time and your speed so that you don’t manually have to. The app also enables voice command, so that if you do urgently need to write a message or call somebody, you don’t have to take your eye off the road to do so. Dashdroid can be fully personalised, to show your favourite apps and information, and can connect automatically to your car’s Bluetooth as you get into your car.

Available on: Android & iOS

Maintaining a car means keeping track of a number things, from filling up your tank to taking it in for regular services, and not to mention the unexpected costs to take into account such as tyre replacements or repairs after a car accident. The Drivvo app does all the hard work for you by keeping track of all your car-related expenses and fuel economy and notifies you when your car is ready for a service or you need to make a payment. Keeping track of all the costs associated with your car could help you reduce your expenses by revealing what you might be spending on your car that isn’t necessary. Fuel is a big expense in South Africa; for more saving ideas, take a look at Five Easy Steps to Save Fuel.

Available on: Android & iOS

Parking in major cities can be rather difficult, particularly during holiday periods and if you’re in a city you don’t know very well. The ParkMe app finds available parking for your chosen destination, how much it will cost, and how far away it is from your location, and even reserves it for you depending on the location. The app offers views of street parking, indoor or covered parking and valet parking, depending on where your destination is and what type of parking you’d like to make use of. The goal of the app is to reduce the frustration people feel as they drive around aimlessly trying to find parking, when instead they could log into ParkMe before they leave for their destination or during their trip, and find a spot before they arrive.

Available on: Android & iOS

Driving long distances during busy periods can get tiring, and increase the chances of an accident. With iOnRoad, the augmented reality driving safety app, you will be kept alert and informed of potential collisions, possible hazards on the road, surrounding vehicles, and lane departures with both visual and audio alerts. The app makes use of the smartphone’s camera, GPS and sensors to determine the proximity of other cars to the driver’s car, and if the driver becomes too close to another, warnings will be sent for the driver to slow down.

If you’re planning a summer road trip with the family, or you’re just tired of the congestion on the roads, give these apps a try and you might just find yourself reducing driving-related stress, saving time and maybe even money on Car Insurance.

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