Windows Phone gets huge app arrival

Nokia Lumia
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Nokia Lumia
Two major additions to the Windows Phone Store were announced in the shape of Uber and Fitbit. (Image Source:

BlackBerry recently revealed a collaboration with Microsoft, which brings BBM to mobile devices running Windows Phone 8 and higher. Along with BBM, Windows Phone users will be getting another set of apps.

According to Microsoft, the company will be working with leading app developers to bring consumers some great apps. In the last couple of weeks, two major additions to the Windows Phone Store were announced in the shape of Uber and Fitbit. Both are very different apps, but, according to Microsoft, are going to do huge things for Lumia smartphone owners.

The word game-changing is used a lot in technology. But it couldn’t be more appropriate than when use about transportation/technology platform Uber. Uber connects users with safe, reliable and seamless transportation is a fast, full-featured native app that makes ordering your next ride super easy. The app works on all Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices and is available for immediate download in the Windows Phone Store.

The first app to offer mobile fitness syncing to the Windows Phone platform, Fitbit offers Windows Phone 8.1 users instant access to up-to-date stats from any Fitbit tracker. It features Live Tiles that provide up-to-date content and notifications at a glance easily allowing you to track your steps and daily goals, all without opening the app.

In addition to real-time stat syncing, you can also quickly log fitness and nutrition data and set or manage personal goals directly from the app. All the Fitbit app staples are included: notifications, achievement badges and leaderboards, letting you cheer, taunt and direct message friends within the app for a little friendly competition.

Windows Phone 8.1 users can find the free Fitbit app in the Windows Phone Store now.