MWEB Business’ Uncapped Business ADSL Lite

MWEB Business has added its recently launched Business Uncapped ADSL Lite product to its range of wholesale offerings, enabling its wholesale channel partners to resell this in-demand product under their own brand and with their own pricing.

Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB Business (image: MWEB)

According to Zuraida Smail, Channel Manager for MWEB Business, this is in line with the company’s strategy to make it easy for resellers to add value to their customers at minimal risk.

Business Uncapped ADSL Lite is ideal for budget-conscious businesses that are being excluded from the Cloud revolution, because they cannot afford uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled business connectivity solutions.

“Low-end, consumer-type alternatives, are simply not suitable for business use. Business Uncapped ADSL Lite delivers the stability, redundancy and round-the-clock technical service every business needs,” she explains.

MWEB Business Wholesale partners can choose how they wish to brand, price and package Wholesale Business Uncapped ADSL Lite.

As is the case with MWEB’s Business Uncapped ADSL offerings, contracts for the new product will run month-to-month, ensuring partners have the flexibility they need to run their businesses effectively.

Staff writer