Review: Samsung’s 68cm Series 9 LED Monitor

Having a great computer setup is vital, but one aspect which users cannot skimp on is having a monitor to match. Samsung as a great number of monitors to go with almost every occasion and design configuration, but their latest monitor is in a league of its own.

Samsung's 27" S27B970D Series 9 LED Monitor (image: Samsung)

The 27″ S27B970D Series 9 LED Monitor is very impressive at first glance, standing tall on any desk, ready to display whatever is thrown at it. The unboxing is equally as easy, as there are only two polystyrene buffers that need to be removed and the unit is ready for action.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor comes boxed will all the cables that users might need to connect to their computer – Displayport cable, MHL cable(HDMI to micro 5pin), DVI-Dual-Link cable and a USB 2.0 Cable is all included.

Once that has been set up, the natural display will jump to life on the 2560 x 1440 (Wide Quad-HD) resolution, which is a lot bigger than most monitors on the market. The monitor has a 178° / 178° viewing angle, as the display can be moved up and down (Height Adjustable Stand) on the back-support, as well as tilted forwards and backwards.

The only thing that can be a bit frustrating is that the screen itself is made from glass (as opposed to plastic), and by nature is highly reflective. It’s advised not to use the monitor in a room where direct sunlight will shine on the monitor, or near other reflective surfaces, as it will bounce back from the monitor, making it very hard to see the visuals at times.

The monitor makes use of PLS LED technology, which also gives it a 5ms (Gray-to-gray) response time. With that said, it comes with Natural Color Expert, which provides the user with a number of colour configurations to suit the user best. It has 285 cd/m² in High Bright Mode, 220cd/m² in Standard Mode, and Mega Infinity DCR (Static 1000:1) on High Bright and Cinema Mode.

While it is not a huge issue, the monitor does have to 7-watt speakers built into the bottom of the bezel, but there is no headphone jack. Most users will use the computers native audio drivers, but it would have been nice to have the headphone jack as an option.

In general, the monitor stamps down its authority as a monitor that means business and it delivers around every bend. It is sturdily built, comes with Samsung’s tried-and-tested technology and will provide for an optimal experience.

Other than the screen glare and no headphone jack, the monitor can’t be faulted on any other area and does the job users would expect.

The 27″ S27B970D Series 9 LED Monitor is a great choice for users who want a stylish option for home or office use, and the display is of fantastic quality. The monitor’s physical size might be a little bit too big for some users, but it only contributes to the overall experience.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor