Magix Security launches non-invasive threat-monitoring service

Magix Security has announced a new monitoring service to simplify the complexities involved in monitoring security-related activities within the corporate IT environment. The service simplifies monitoring and managing the threats presented by corporate insiders, delivering real-time protection against malicious activity and highlighting vulnerabilities that could compromise security.

Phillip Gerber, CTO of Magix Security (image: Magix)

Depending on the client’s requirements, the monitoring service covers three core aspects of a company’s security, users, data and IT infrastructure, including network devices, desktops, servers, operating systems, applications, routers, firewalls, PDAs, wireless devices and more.

South African businesses are vulnerable to risks from the activities of insiders, yet little has been done about it. Phillip Gerber, CTO of Magix Security says the reason is companies are faced with too many options to manage and control their internal infrastructure.

“The focus has always been on trying to control everything and every activity, but this is difficult to achieve with the wide variety of devices and access methods today,” he explains. “With the Magix monitoring service, we make it easy to manage and thereby secure your infrastructure without the complexity.”

The monitoring service combines a range of products proven to meet the internal security needs of customers. Using the service means the client will avoid the hassle of paying individual license fees for software in favour of a single monthly fee. Magix handles the product installation and maintenance, as well as the setting up the reporting clients require.

“The critical value of monitoring is the reports,” adds Gerber. “Effective reporting ensures customers are informed as soon as specific events are detected.”

In addition to real-time alarm events, regular reports serve to highlight any vulnerabilities within clients’ infrastructures and databases, as well as risky behaviour on the part of their users. This increased visibility not only improves the security of the company’s business processes, it proactively highlights vulnerabilities before problems occur.

Gerber adds that the cost of the service will allow Magix to focus on small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs), companies that can traditionally not afford to implement the necessary range of effective monitoring solutions. In addition, these SMEs do not generally have the skills required to implement and maintain these applications, a problem solved by the new service.

“The Magix monitoring service will allow businesses across South Africa to focus on their core operations, secure in the knowledge that any untoward activity will be quickly identified, along with any hidden vulnerabilities in their infrastructure,” concludes Gerber.

Staff writer