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Tanzanian operators growing frustrated with government

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Tanzanian telecommunications operators are becoming frustrated with the government’s inability to crack down on fiber optic cable vandalism.

Tanzania's Minister of Communications Prof. Makame Mbarawa. (image: file)

Peter Phillip, an engineer at the ministry of communications told “ they are looking at alternative solutions to protecting the cable lines, such as putting them under the ground better and covering them with concrete”.

Phillips believes the police need to improve their response to reports of criminals digging up the lines.

“It is a difficult job to stop criminal activity in remote areas, but we think that through a better response from police when cables are ruptured or stolen, we may be able to arrest and put on trial the criminals, which would be a big deterrent,” he said.

Tanzania recently started laying down a 10 674 kilometre land fiber-optic backbone cable connecting Seacom, Eassy and TEAMS undersea cables on Africa’s east coast to Dar es Salaam.

Joseph Mayton

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