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Telkom increases data caps

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South Africa’s telecommunication company, Telkom today announced that data caps on its TelkomInternet AllAccess products would be permanently increased at no additional charge.

Telkom customers on these packages will automatically receive the increase data cap from 1 October 2011 with no additional charge

The announcement follows a 3 month free blended data promotion.

In July this year the company announced a promotion to its data hungry customers in which the monthly data cap on the 1 GB TelkomInternet AllAccess increased to 5GB; the 5GB TelkomInternet AllAccess to 10GB and the 9GB TelkomInternet AllAccess to 20GB.

This promotion was well received by customers who enjoyed free additional data usage for three consecutive months.

However, with the promotion drawing to a close at the end of September 2011, Telkom is permanently increasing the monthly DSL blended data cap on the following products: 3GB TelkomInternet AllAccess will increase to 4GB; 6GB TelkomInternet AllAccess will increase to 8GB and the 10GB TelkomInternet AllAccess will increase to 16GB.

This new offer will not affect the free local data allocated on these packages. Telkom customers on these packages will automatically receive the increase data cap from 1 October 2011 with no additional charge.

“We are aware of the ongoing appetite South Africans are developing for data and Telkom is gearing up to meet that demand,” said Maneliso Mavuso, Telkom MD for Consumer Services.

“This offer is just another way TelkomInternet would like to reward our valued customers for their continuous support,” said Mavuso.

Telkom also highlighted that for R20 (about US $2.5) more 1GB TelkomInternet AllAccess customers currently paying R79 (about US $9.9) for their service can upgrade to the 4GB TelkomInternet AllAccess package for only R99 (about US $12.2) per month.

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  1. Whoopee, too little, too late! What are they doing about raising the speed of the 384kbps subscribers? 1Mbps users moved up to 4Mbps without charge. When will they up the low-end subscribers to at least 1Mbps without charge?

    • Agreed with you there Ian D. Samson. Telkom is really giving out the shortend to all the low-end subscribers out there. I myself am not registered with Telkom, but I have experience with their connections. Internet connectivity is becoming all the more popular and necessary that ISP companies just have to take lead with such things.

  2. Telkom is a rip off! you are better off using MWEB uncapped access. use in the correct manner (no torrents) there is no slowing of line speed.

  3. Its now very difficult for us to go back to Telkom data bundles – life is going well with the Uncapped data bundles. We can only appreciate if they increase the current 384kbps

  4. Telkom are bragging about the prices of the package but the real killer is the Telkom line rental.. that is what is destroying the internet in South Africa

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