Telkom puts Pinky on a tower

The Telkom Hillbrow tower in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa seems to be going through a bit of a colour change, and although Telkom’s CEO is Pinky Moholi, we doubt that the new shade of pink has anything to do with her being in the top position.

Telkom tower incorporates 8.ta colours (image: Charlie Fripp)

It’s actually less sinister, and although no official word from Telkom has reached the public, it is widely believed that Telkom is repainting the soccer ball to match the branding colours of 8.ta, Telkom’s mobile business.

Drivers in the city centre of Johannesburg started noticing the renovation work early this week, and the new pink hue was being added on Tuesday morning – only about a third of the actual ball has been painted so far.

The soccer ball became an iconic symbol during last year’s Soccer World Cup.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor