Nigeria to probe its poor telecom services

Nigerian users have experienced drop calls and network signal problems

The Nigerian government is investigating the country’s frail telecommunication service, as for the past few months mobile service users have experienced drop calls and network signal problems.

Nigeria’s House of Representatives has asked the Committee on Communications to look into the country’s frail telecom sector when it reconvenes for their next session.

A Nigeria House of Representatives member, Eddie Mbadiwe, says the legislative body has adopted a resolution that calls for an immediate investigation.

Mbadiwe says that the current services provided by mobile telecommunications companies are irregular, epileptic and expensive. “The country needs efficient telecommunications in order to grow Nigeria’s IT and telecom sector.”

Nigerian Telecom analysts are hopeful that the House of Representatives investigation will result in an immediate improvement of the country’s telecom business. “We are really hopeful that this new investigation will bring about the new ideas that serve the customer as well as the business sector as a whole, so it will be interesting to see what comes of this government investigation,” says William Yubu, an IT and telecom expert based in Lagos.

The House representative argued that the continued high costs of telecom services in Nigeria are not in line with global telecom operators. “Rates charged to Nigerians by the companies are on the high side as compared with the charges in neighboring African countries,” says Yubu.

Yubu believes the crisis faced by Nigeria’s telecom sector will prevent the country from reaching their 20-20-20 global economic goals.

David Eto