Innovation Dinner Advisory Board announced

IT News Africa's Innovation Dinner Advisory Board, from top left Abby Wakama (, Manoj Bhoola (HP), Teryl Schroen (Accsys), Arthur Goldstuck (World Wide Worx), Fritz Milosevic (Nedbank), Magnus Mchunguzi (Ericsson)
The IT News Africa ( Innovation Dinners have achieved such resounding success that the Owner and Publisher, Abby Wakama, has convened an Advisory Board to ensure continued growth of the bi-monthly event.

At the first meeting of the Advisory Board, the following members were selected to sit on the Board:

1. Arthur Goldstuck- Analyst and CEO of World Wide Worx

2. Magnus Mchunguzi- MD Ericsson SA

3. Manoj Bhoola- HP ESSN Country Manager

4. Teryl Schroen- CEO Accsys

5. Frits Milosevic- Investment Banker Telecommunication, NEDBANK

6. Edmund Katiti- Acting Head NEPAD E-Africa Commission

The bi-monthly invitation-only Innovation Dinner series is the premier gathering for IT Executives across all industries in Africa. Designed for Africa’s ICT professionals, entrepreneurs and senior business people, the event is a great opportunity for networking, acquiring information and strategic planning.

Previous sponsors of the event include; MTN Group (6 Dinners), Ericsson (5 Dinners), RICOH (1 Dinner), Hewlett Packard (9 Dinners), Huawei Symantec (1 Dinner), and BlackBerry (1 Dinner).

The Innovation Dinner series attracts between 70 and 90 senior IT executives on a bi-monthly basis. These executives are Senior IT Managers, IT Directors, CIOs, CTOs and CEOs drawn from the public and private sectors.

“It is a brilliant and great networking opportunity. I keep attending because you get appraised on new market trends and a plus is an opportunity to socialise and catch up with colleagues in the industry,” said Manoj Bhoola, Hewlett Packard, ESSN Country Manager.

“I keep attending the dinners because I have a passion for new innovations, my need to network and of course the food is great,“ said Emson Moyo, CTO, GIJIMA

Past speakers at the dinner have included Dr Edmund Katiti– Head of NEPAD e-Africa Commission, Christian De Faria – Senior VP Innovation and Commercial MTN, as well as Magnus Mchunguzi – MD Ericsson SA.

The next Innovation Dinner will be held at the Michelangelo Hotel and Towers on the 29th of June 2011 with the theme “Journey to the Cloud”

In the near future, the Innovation Dinner series will be hosted in Nigeria and Kenya in 2011/12. The Advisory Board has also extended an invitation to start-up companies to present their innovative ideas at future Innovation Dinner events. For further information, please visit