ICT key to Kenya’s growth

June 17, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

ICT is key to a continued economic growth for Kenya. This is the sentiment of the World Bank’s top Kenya representative Johannes Zutt.

Zutt was addressing official delegates during the opening of a new Media Lab, funded by the bank.

Zutt says a combination of cost advantages, investment in enabling infrastructure and a well-educated urban workforce could help push Kenya into a regional hub for IT innovation and services.

“Although Kenya has achieved great success in the ICT sector in recent months, there’s still much room to growth,” says Zutt.

“ICT could become a major employer in Kenya. And Kenya over time could develop into a global innovator that is recognized worldwide for its ICT genius in the way India has been in the recent past,” says Zutt.

“This explosive growth in ICT has been attributed to the liberalization of the telecommunications sector, which induced competition and innovation, resulting in considerable investment and job creation,” says Zutt.

In recent years Kenya has managed to become a regional leader in the ICT sector.

By: Janan Yussif



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