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Globacom taking on Nigeria’s internet problems

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Globacom Nigeria, the country’s second national carrier is set to take competition in bandwidth services to a new level as it plans to offer cheaper prices to internet service providers in Nigeria.

With this development, more Nigerian cities will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of ample internet bandwidth due to the low price offer from Globacom’s international submarine cable.

This follows a new move by the company to empower and encourage Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to extend their business to all major cities in the country.

Folu Aderibigbe, head of Glo 1, said the company would now offer internet bandwidth and extend help in setting up operations to all ISPs desiring to extend services to major cities where they do not currently have presence.

He noted that most of the ISPs in Nigeria at the moment operate mainly in Lagos alone or in few other cities mainly due to the huge capital expenditure involved in setting up operations in other cities and the unavailability of reliable bandwidth in those areas.

“Globacom has decided to address this problem by providing the required bandwidth in all the major cities and removing the burden of huge capital needed by the ISPs to start operations in all major cities where their services are needed,” Aderibigbe explained.

Globacom, riding on its MPLS-VPN network spread across the country, has extended Glo1 services to all major cities in Nigeria, thus empowering ISPs to extend the benefits of bandwidth to the cities.

Glo 1, which is the only optical fiber cable that connects United Kingdom directly from Nigeria, has provided solutions to the bandwidth capacity constraints in the West Africa region.

With its integration with Globacom’s 10,000km nationwide optical fibre cable, Glo 1 is able to give end-to-end connectivity, including last mile solutions, thus providing a one-stop shop for customers’ requirements.

By Bimbo Omitooki

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