Telecoms taskforce formed as poor service riles Nigerians

NIGERIA’S apex telecom regulatory agency, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has formed a taskforce to look into the quality of service offered by telecommunications companies in the country.

The setting up of the task force is as a result of the torrents of complaints by telecom subscribers in the country.

Nigerians initially ignored the poor standard of service rendered by licensed mobile operators following years of frustration with Nigeria Telecommunications (Nitel) Plc, the only telecom operator in the country before the introduction of GSM services in 2001. Today, they are beginning to grow restive over poor service delivery coupled with high tariffs charged by the operators.

Dr Eugene Juwah, executive vice chairman of NCC, said the taskforce would address the quality of service by the telecos operating in the country. Juwah said the taskforce would look at short, medium and long-term solutions to issues militating against the delivery of quality service by the telecom operators.

Juwah said: “We want to see more competition at play. We want to see costs of services such as Short Messaging Services (SMS) getting lower than what the operators are charging today,” he said.
He promised that the Commission would intensify efforts to ensure that the quality of services being delivered to consumers is acceptable.

Juwah asked for the cooperation of mobile operators in order find a lasting solution to service quality problems in the various networks.