GijimaAst , Lenovo partner on Teacher Laptop initiative

GijimaAst has teamed up with the Lenovo Consortium to supply, deploy and support all laptops ordered via the Lenovo Consortium as part of the government’s Teacher Laptop Initiative. This service will be provided by GijimaAst’s Distributed Computing Services (DCS) business unit, a Lenovo tier one partner, as a ‘one-stop shop’ through a single, dedicated service desk.

The Teacher Laptop Initiative is managed by the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) and various stakeholders under the auspices of the Department of Basic Education. The project aims to equip the approximately 360 000 teachers in South Africa with laptops of their own in an effort to improve the overall quality of education in public schools.

Government has provided all teachers with a subsidy to assist with the procurement of every laptop.

“GijimaAst, through its DCS business unit, is providing the necessary technical expertise and support that will enable teachers to take full advantage of the Teacher Laptop Initiative,” says Hannes Burger, DCS Business Unit executive of GijimaAst.

“ICT integration in the classroom is an extremely positive addition to the learning environment. It brings rich and diverse resources into the classroom, and leads to the formation of a more dynamic and productive learning environment.”

As a tier one partner with Lenovo, GijimaAst is placing its full support behind the initiative, which it is confident will provide teachers with the necessary resources they need to be more effective in the classroom. The laptops, which consist of appropriate hardware with prescribed minimum specifications, include school administration, national curriculum and other software, as well as internet connectivity, insurance and finance.

“With our proven track record in providing quality services to both government and the corporate sector, we are extremely well placed to assist the Department of Basic Education in meeting its specific requirements and goals with the Teacher Laptop Initiative,” says. Burger.

GijimaAst, together with the Lenovo Consortium, is a proud partner in the Teacher Laptop Initiative. “We are looking forward to making a real difference in the classroom by providing our children – the future leaders of South Africa – with a quality education that will equip them for life,” concludes Burger.


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