Low-cost international roaming service now available in Africa

eMobileRoaming, a division of VoIP Partners Inc. and provider of low cost communications solutions throughout Africa, today launched a new low-cost international roaming service, eMobileRoaming World SIM.

According to Gary Wels, eMobile’s marketing partner in South Africa, the service reduces international roaming charges by up to 80% in over 200 countries and territories and doesn’t require computers, WiFi, subscription, monthly payments or long-term contracts.

“eMobileRoaming ’s World SIM international roaming service gives subscribers the ability to make and receive calls on hundreds of GSM networks around the world, at deeply discounted prices. Unlike Voice over IP (VoIP) or VoWiFi services, eMobile provides full GSM mobility, excellent voice quality and the kind of reliability GSM users demand around the world”, explained Wels.

As a result, the service is available wherever GSM coverage can be found, not needing Internet hotspots such as Wi-Fi, he added.

Furthermore, the low-cost international roaming solution saves up to 80% of roaming costs charged by South African and international mobile companies and offers free incoming SMS-es in all countries.

According to eMobile Roaming’s research, the average South African business traveler spends approximately R7 000 on roaming charges on a five-day international business trip. As an example, a call from UK to South Africa is priced at US$3.20 (about R23.50) per minute by a South African carrier, whereas eMobile’s price is US$0.61 (about R4.48) per minute.

Wels said that mobile users can save “between 25 and 80 percent, depending on the call destination”. The company plans to introduce more low-cost telephony services to African customers, given the increasingly demand.

“The rapid increase of international business travel originating and terminating in Africa makes eMobileRoaming World SIM the ideal roaming solution. Not only has travel increased between African countries, there is a remarkable increase in international travel to and from the African continent to other destinations”, he said.

The eMobileRoaming World SIM card works in any unlocked GSM handset and can be purchased immediately from eMobileRoaming. The pre-paid card must be recharged with airtime before travels, with the option to auto-recharge in case of frequent usage. All account balances can be retrieved via SMS.

Ordering and purchasing of products and recharging airtime is an on-line process supported by a 24-hour call centre. For more information contact eMobileRoaming on 0861 366 2453, International +27 685 1052. Visit www.eMobileRoaming.com or email support@eMobileRoaming.com.