Google maps Nigeria

Google has announced the launch of Google maps for Nigeria.

This was announced on the first day of the just concluded G-Nigeria event in Lagos.

The Google Map presentation made by Christian Miccio, Google product manager, had all the thirty-six states and the FCT on it, reports The Vanguard. Further demonstrations by Miccio, displayed notable roads, bridges, companies and local businesses in Lagos. Mr Miccio said the Map held locations and addresses of banks, hospitals, schools, government offices, stadiums and even bus routes! Terrain level and other demographic features were highlighted.

The Google team also encouraged locals to contribute to the service. “you know this terrain more than we do” says Nelson Mattos, Vice president, Engineering and the keynote speaker at the event “we therefore call on you to help with as much local information as you can”

Participants who attended the event were encouraged to seize the opportunity to empower themselves financially by helping local companies and businesses all around the country get their companies and business addresses listed on the map. They could create their own consultancy services and become local content providers.


  1. I think the best way to update routes/ addresses on the map is to have an online form that will enable interested local content providers to take GPS of locations and enter the Name and GPS of such location on the map.

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