New cellular phone brand conquers Zimbabwe

mugabe_2.jpgZimbabwe has been flooded by a relatively new cellphone brand called the G Tide. Most cellular phone dealers in the capital Harare, as well as in Bulawayo have stocked the brand, selling at half the price of a Nokia phone.

“We are selling them at affordable prices because we get them cheap. They are modeled along the structures of Nokia phones since they have the same functions in most cases. It is user friendly,” said Mike Ukebu from, a cellphone shop in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city.

G Tide is a product of Z.T.S International Industrial Co., Ltd from China. It is a technology company founded in 2002. Its claim to fame is production and sales in mobile phones.

Their brand G-TIDE is famous in Africa, Mid-Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. With headquarters and major facility in Shenzhen China, G-Tide designs and produces a full line of middle-end mobile phones.

G Tide enjoys an upper hand against the likes of Nokia, Samsung and the iPhone in Zimbabwe because of its dual sim card function in a country where having two sim cards is considered trendy.

The companies overseas branches are in Dubai (UAE), Lagos (Nigeria), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Hongkong, Kinshasa (Congo), Dakar (Senegal) and Nairobi (Kenya), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

Also, the company is making inroads into Zimbabwe and they have already launched a sponsorship deal with Zimbabwean football giants Highlanders. G Tide and Highlanders Football Club have signed a US$15 000 deal, stating that Highlanders is set to use mineral water with the G Tide brand when it holds its trials next week.

By Nobert Ncube