BlackBerry apps help manage finances


BlackBerry’s smartphone range of tools and applications can function as a personal assistant in tracking spending, storing payment details or monitoring transactions.

Personal Assistant monitors banking, credit card transactions and investment accounts. It can also track phone minutes, see itineraries and manage air miles. Accounts are updated automatically, so there’s no need to manually input any data.

BlackBerry Wallet eases mobile, online purchases, by retrieving information securely stored on BlackBerry smartphone for filling forms with credit card data, reward program account numbers, shipping information, retail website login details and gift card information.

ProOnGo Expense Beta with Receipt Reader tracks expenses and mileage from the smartphone. Receipts can be captured via BlackBerry’s camera and reports with receipt images included can be emailed or exported.

MileageTracker Pro records trip mileage, including purpose, destination, date of trip. Reports can be created especially for reimbursement, accounting and tax purposes.

Most financial application available for free from BlackBerry App World™ at