Thursday, April 25, 2024
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World’s first $99 notebook launched in Ghana

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A new 7-inch notebook will enable Africans to browse Internet at an affordable price, according to its manufacturer, Cherrypal, the leading vendor in the green personal computer market.

Named Cherrypal Africa after the company’s community building initiative in Ghana, which provides access to Internet for children who can’t afford it otherwise, the mini notebook is environmentally friendly, using the least amount of power to save electricity and wind energy to power website navigation.

“At Cherrypal, we are extremely conscious of the so-called ‘digital divide’. We are constantly looking for ways to bridge that gap and the Cherrypal Africa is a huge step in the right direction”, commented Max Seybold, the company’s founder.

The Africa notebook runs on 400 MHz processor and features 256 GB RAM, 2 GB flash memory and can run either Linux or Windows CE operating systems.

Cherrypal is part of Tristate Hong Kong Group Limited, with offices in Hong Kong and Palo Alto, California. The company has teamed up with The Paajaf Foundation to build a learning center for children in Accra, Ghana, that will facilitate Internet access for educational purposes in the country.

Paajaf is a nongovernmental humanitarian service organization focused toward helping vulnerable children, women and orphans. So far, around 600 children have used the learning center and 20 laptops have been successfully donated by Cherrypal towards the initiative.


  1. Since when was the digital divide “so-called”? Good Initiative anyway, will this be available all over africa?
    Another question does it run Open source? Will that bring down the price to USD50?

  2. this is funny y are we runnin linux and windows ce , when the world is movind to windows 7 and all and we expect to bridge the so called “digital divide” let’s wake up build better notebooks at better prices.

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