Cisco introduces Borderless Networks architecture

CISCO has introduced a Borderless Networks architecture and a five-phase plan aimed at ensuring efficient delivery of service.
The new system by Cisco, a leading supplier of internet networking equipment,is designed to improve service delivery and applications to anyone, any place, on any device and at any time.

As the first proof point of its Borderless Networks architecture, Cisco announced the second generation of its Integrated Services Router, the ISR G2.

“Networking has always been at the core of Cisco’s business, our ISR G2 router line significantly increases our customers’ ability to capitalize on these key business and technology trends,” said Brett Galloway, senior vice president for Cisco’s Wireless, Security and Routing Technology Group.

The Cisco ISR G2 assists businesses and service providers simplify and scale delivery of on-demand, networked business services like video and collaborative applications at branch offices.

It serves as a natural part of the company’s Borderless Networks architecture, which combines Cisco’s routing, switching, wireless, and security technologies into a more tightly integrated networking infrastructure that allows businesses to embrace the growing use of video, collaborative applications and other networked services and deliver them across their enterprises.

With Borderless Networks, information technology managers can scale, govern, and protect networks more easily, while tightening the synergy between users, devices, applications, and business processes.