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Samsung releases Obi-Mikel inspired phone

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obi_mikel.jpgSAMSUNG said its new C5212 handset named after Nigerian footballer Jon Obi Mikel, is sure to be a hit in the Nigerian market. The company this week launched the handset in Abuja in honour of Nigeria and Chelsea football star Mikel.

Managing Director Samsung Electronics Nigeria Mr. James You told media the reasoning behind the introduction of the phone. “Mikel, as our brand point’s man, has endorsed our new product offering, the Samsung C5212 mobile phone. This is our latest offering to our numerous consumers in Nigeria. The need for the Samsung C5212 mobile phone arose from market surveys carried out by research agencies which identified the need to satisfy the growing customer demand. It comes with a dual SIM feature with the quality assurance, product excellence and genuine advantages that sets it apart from its genre,” he told reporters.
samsung_c5212.jpgThe handset boasts a slim size, sleek and a modem design and is a slide-up handset.
“It is easy to carry and use and looks appropriate in both work and casual settings. Users will be able to enjoy longer use of their mobile between battery recharges. The larger battery compensates for the power-consuming roaming features, allowing users to access the features of the mobile
without affecting the usability.

John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, commonly known as John Obi Mikel is a Nigerian footballer, who currently plays as a Midfielder for Chelsea.


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