Rwanda invests $2 Million in telemedicine

Rwanda has invested $2 million in telemedicine in line with its goals of promoting use of ICTs in public sector.

A Kigali Daily, New Times, reported that the government has developed an overall ICT plant which caters for the use of ICT in boosting service delivery within the medical field.

The Tele-medicine project is being spearheaded by Rwanda Development Board.

King Faisal hospital is one of the institutions that has taken advantage of this national platform to boost its service delivery.

“It is very important to share information. By RBD developing this platform has allowed medical professionals to be able to serve more than one facility at a time”, Dr. Innocent Nyaruhirira the CEO of King Faisal Hospital said.

Dr. Richard Gakuba an e-health specialist which bridges ICT with medicine said, “Part of my function is to assist and develop ICT systems to enable core medical personnel to work more efficiently”.

“I do this at the national level. At King Faisal I am part of the team that develops the telemedicine system that links the three national hospitals”. Initially Gakuba contends that the system was ad hoc but this has since been formalized along the strides the country has acquired in its development within ICT.