MTN launches MTN EAZI recharge in South Africa

July 13, 2009 • Top Stories

Airtime is one of the largest categories of cellular purchases and continues to grow rapidly with the increase in customers who have access to cell phones. MTN has recognised this, and to address the need for convenient and reliable channels to purchase airtime, has launched MTN Eazi Recharge, a new and innovative service for the simple and convenient purchase of MTN Pay As You Go airtime.

MTN Eazi Recharge enables a customer who has registered for the service to use their cell phone to securely and directly purchase airtime from MTN using a VISA or MasterCard accredited bank credit card. Customers will need to register once by linking their VISA or MasterCard credit card for the MTN Eazi Recharge service directly, via their cell phone – customers do not need to go into their bank to register. Funds will be directly debited from the customer’s credit card account to purchase MTN Pay As You Go airtime which will then be deposited directly into either the customer’s own cell phone account, or into a nominated beneficiary’s cell phone account. While this service is offered to MTN customers free of charge, normal transactional bank charges as determined by the respective banks may still apply.

With MTN Eazi Recharge, MTN Pay As You Go and Top Up customers can now purchase MTN Pay As You Go airtime for themselves or for anyone else from MTN directly from their credit card accounts, Anywhere and Anytime. In addition, MTN contract customers can also use this service to buy airtime for anyone else on MTN Pay As You Go or TopUp.

The MTN Eazi Recharge service is easy, convenient and safe to use – once registered, customers can transact only by using a secure payPIN plus the last 3 numbers on the back of their credit cards when buying airtime. As an additional security measure, a daily limit of R300 will apply on all MTN Eazi Recharge transactions.

1. How to Register your credit card for MTN Eazi Recharge

· Dial *141*10#

· Enter your ID number (or Passport number)

· Enter the 16 digit number on the front of your credit card

· Enter the expiry date of your credit card

· Confirm your details

· Enter last 3 numbers on the back of your credit card

· Select and confirm your new payPIN (a customer selected PIN)

2. How to Buy Airtime using your credit card on MTN Eazi Recharge

· Dial *141*10#

· Select the ‘Buy Airtime’ option

· Choose or enter the cell phone number you want to buy airtime for

· Enter airtime amount between R5 and R300

· Confirm the purchase details

· Enter the last 3 numbers on the back of your Credit Card

· Enter your payPIN

A SMS confirmation and reference code will be sent to you confirming your purchase, the cell phone number you purchased the airtime for and the amount.



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