New SA Communication Minister gets trade union blessing


jacob_zuma.jpgThe Communication Workers Union (CWU) of South Africa has endorsed the appointment of new Minister of Communications, Siphiwe Nyanda and his Deputy, Ms. Dina Pule.

Says CWU General Secretary Gallant Roberts: “We hope that this new breath of fresh leadership will rid the DoC of its label of non-delivery. The ICT sector is very dynamic by nature and a breeding ground for exploitive capitalists, whose main objective is to make a quick profit at the expense of workers. There is a lot of hard work to be done, but we believe that the Minister will do more to address these issues,”

“We look forward to working with these individuals to ensure that we deliver on what is contained in the ANC’s election manifesto as well as the resolutions of Polokwane.”

The CWU condemned some analysts’ and experts’ negative view about the duo’s appointment, saying that the orgaisation had confidence in the ability of the new team.

Nyanda, a former military general was appointed by newly-elected president Jacob Zuma as part of an expanded cabinet.