SA company nominated for 2009 World Technology Awards


clickatell.gifSouth African SMS solution company Clickatell has been selected as a nominee for a 2009 World Technology Award, presented by the World Technology Network, in association with TIME magazine, Fortune magazine, and Science magazine.

Says James P. Clark, founder and Chairman of the World Technology Network: “

The World Technology Awards program is not only a very inspiring way to identify and honor the most innovative people and organizations in the technology world, but it also is a truly disciplined way for the WTN membership to identify those who will formally join them as part of our global community. By working to make useful connections among our members, we look forward to assisting Clickatell continue to help create our collective future and change our world.”

Clickatell provides companies around the world with the ability to deploy mobile messaging services in hours. “We are pleased with the recognition and owe it all to our innovative customers. Developers from social networking creators, like mig33, healthcare service providers, like ComplyRx, innovative banks, like First National Bank, and leading retailers, like Fruit & Veg City are the real heroes,” exclaimed Pieter de Villiers, CEO of Clickatell. “They understand that people want to transact, communicate and receive real value from their mobile phone. Using Clickatell to offer text services is easier than ever – developers can deliver new ways to engage customers and ultimately improve the bottom line through cost savings and new revenue streams.”

Winners will be announced on July 16, 2009 in New York City, at the World Technology Awards gala ceremony. The World Technology Awards honor individuals and corporations from twenty technology-related sectors viewed by peers as being the most innovative and doing the work of the greatest likely long-term significance. Award categories range from communications, biotechnology, space and energy through to ethics, design and entertainment.