Etisalat expands MMS service offering

Telecom, broadcast and internet services provider, Etisalat, has enhanced its international MMS service to enable customers to reach most of the mobile users around the world.

This has been made possible through establishing connectivity with more than 700 international operators. Through the initiative, Etisalat subscribers can now send MMS communications to almost any destination on the globe.

The company said in a statement: “The new and enhanced MMS solution will enable customers to send MMS to any destination number in the world, even for numbers whose operators who do not have a direct agreement with Etisalat. In cases where the destination number’s operator does not have a direct agreement with Etisalat, the MMS will be delivered to Etisalat’s International MMS Portal, that will send a free SMS notification, providing a link and a password to the destination number /receiver to view and download the MMS through web. The receiver can also reply to the sender via the Internet, for free which will be delivered back to the Etisalat customer,”

Etisalat launched its MMS service in 2003, and has since been working towards continuous development of this service. Etisalat currently has direct international MMS agreements with 84 operators in 54 countries, and is working towards getting more direct agreements.