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Telkom defends corporate restructuring

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reuben_septemberUSE.jpgTelkom has defended its restructuring programme saying it had been endorsed by the company’s board of directors, contrary to reports by the Communications Workers Union (CWU).

“It must be emphasised that in strict adherence to due process, Telkom’s organisational restructure has the full support and approval of the Telkom Board of Directors,” the company said in a statement.

CWU criticized the restructuring this week accusing chief executive officer Reuben September of ‘self-appointment,’ a development Telkom denied.

Telkom said: “Reuben September has been appointed as the Group CEO by the Telkom Board and is fully mandated to execute on Company strategy. This certainly does not constitute “self-appointment”, rendering this allegation by CWU to be totally inaccurate and grossly misleading. Telkom is also not aware of any investigation, ostensibly by “the Minister’s office” as alleged by CWU,”

“With due cognisance of recruitment processes, it is September – in his capacity as Group CEO – who was responsible for the appointment of Nombulelo “Pinky” Moholi as MD of the Telkom SA business unit. With regard to speculation in some segments of the media that Moholi’s appointment could result in the latter rivalling September for his Group CEO position, this is certainly devoid of truth and accuracy. However, with September being pivotal in the process that culminated in Moholi’s appointment, how certain media could even dabble in such speculation defies logic and common sense.”

Under the new organisational structure, the Telkom Group now comprises of three business units: the Telkom SA business unit, Telkom International and Telkom Data Centre Operations.

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