Somali pirates target India’s satellite

flag2.jpgSOMALI Islamist pirates operating on the Gulf of Aden are reportedly threatening to destabilize the world’s communication centre in India if the European Union (EU) marines continue to wreak havoc, sources told ITNewsAfrica on Monday.

The threats come as the fighting to free the Gulf of Aden from the Somali pirates, who demand cash from international ships intensified last week, with France and China claiming successive victories over the marauding Somali pirates.

India has the biggest communication satellite centre linking Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

According to Kenyan information and communication experts, India’s satellite system is the biggest in the world.

“The world should unite against these Somali pirates because they are becoming a global problem. Although I do not know much about the Indian communication satellite, I would like to think that it is the one that makes communication in Africa possible.

“But on the other hand I would like to believe that the Somali pirates are just making baseless and intimidating tactics, otherwise India has strong forces to protect this important facility,” said Klaus Moeller, a technology specialist from Germany—ITNewsAfrica.