Mobile marketing & Broadcasting ahead of 2010 World Cup

soccer_world_cup.jpgTHE importance of mobile marketing and broadcasting ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup will feature prominently in the upcoming Soccerex 2008 that South Africa will host later this month.

FIFA and Soccerex have assembled a panel of industry leaders to highlight the importance of this during a panel entitled ‘Mobile Communications in Africa and Beyond: The Key to Reaching Fans at the 2010 FIFA World Cup’.

This will feature senior figures from FIFA, mobile phone giant Ericsson and Perform.

Heading up this panel will be Niclas Ericson (Director, TV Division, FIFA), who will outline the importance of fan communication via this media platform and the opportunities this poses ahead of 2010.

The next FIFA World Cup is expected to push forward interaction via many different communication technologies, including full match broadcasts on mobiles.

As a relatively new broadcasting medium, Niclas Ericson will reveal the world governing body of football’s stance on the activation of event mobile broadcasting rights.

Robin Berglund (Business Development Manager, Ericsson) will reveal how companies such as Ericsson remain innovative in this highly competitive market and where he feels mobile services and handsets can take fan interaction to new levels.

With Ericsson currently operating in over 1,000 networks in more than 140 countries, Berglund is highly knowledgeable on mobile global deployments in markets such as Africa.

He will divulge where he feels mobile services and handsets can provide the greatest influence on media and sports consumption and the related mobile marketing strategy.

Completing this panel of communication experts is Andrew Croker (Executive Chairman, Perform). Perform is a world leader in monetising sport and entertainment rights in digital media, they provide content to clients such as Orange, Nokia, Vodafone and T-Mobile. Recently, Perform were also awarded internet rights for over 500 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Matches.

This conference panel will provide Soccerex delegates an expert consultation session on mobile marketing strategies, focusing on South Africa’s rapidly developing telecommunications market.

The three-day Soccerex, the world’s biggest football exhibition kicks off in Johannesburg on November 23., Johannesburg


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