Namibia’s Telecom Regulator to Settle Interconnection Fee Dispute

­Namibia’s three mobile operators have agreed to dump their ongoing dispute about interconnection fees onto the telecoms regulator, the NCC and let it sort out the mess. Telecom, One Cell and MTC met on Monday this week, at the request of the Minister of Information and Communication Technology Joel Kaapanda, with the NCC as the facilitator for the meeting.

The regulator is expected to study the models followed in other South African countries before issuing its verdict. The three operators have also agreed to stop making public comments about their dispute until the regulator imposes its ruling on them.

“We would hopefully [complete this] within the next two months,” the Chairman for NCC, David Imbili told the local New Era newspaper.

Based on figures from the Mobile World subscriber database, MTC is the dominant operator in the country with some 934,000 subscribers – of which an estimated 17,000 are already using 3G services.