Google’s Presence in Nigeria – What It Could Mean for Economy, Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

October 27, 2008 • Enterprise IT

google_sergey_larry.jpgt is no longer news that Google has been making its way across Africa, starting with South Africa and Kenya and now spreading to all sub-Saharan African countries including Nigeria.

Google has since opened offices and hired people in both South Africa and Kenya and has recently announced openings for Office Lead roles in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. This indicates Google’s strong investment interests in Africa, the fastest growing mobile market in the world with mobile penetration ranging from 30% to 100% from country to country (with Nigeria as the largest telecoms market in Africa).

What It Could Mean for The Economy

Google’s presence will have a positive impact on Nigeria’s economy via the introduction of new products, services and innovations for both companies and consumers. These products and services will drive the Nigerian market towards competition and thereby make for price reductions on specific technology-related solutions. Possible products will include Google Enterprise Search, Google Apps Security, Compliance and a variety of free software services.

Thus, Nigeria’s economy will improve tremendously as it will encourage technology investments and partnerships between local and foreign companies (especially those that have been skeptical about
investing in the Nigerian market).

What It Could Mean for The Entrepreneurs

If you take a look at Google’s investment in Kenya’s Mobile Planet you will realise that the Internet search giant is giving African web entrepreneurs a hint that they should step up with the development of mobile/tech applications and startups. Mobile Planet specializes in the development of wireless voice & data applications for mobile devices in Kenya, with a special focus on SMS-based products and
services. Nigerian web entrepreneurs will be more focused on web apps, services and technologies that could get the attention of Google and other potential investors. These could be in the areas of mobile technology, video sharing, online advertising, instant messaging, social networking and more.

What It Could Mean for The Enterprises

With Google’s arrival in Nigeria, IT, software and tech enterprises will be butting heads to partner with Google in order to drive sales and market growth within the industry and further open up opportunities
for expansion.

An example of this kind of enterprise partnership is Faritec, a South African IT services company which was was one of Google’s first partners in South Africa. Faritec anticipates the growth from the
Google partnership to be exponential, with conservative sales estimates of R20 million within the first year of trading.

On the Google front, we can expect to see more investments in the Nigerian IT and software industry, which will drive the local IT market and local software developers to becoming more resourceful in
their field and thus build a stronger IT industry for Nigeria.

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  1. Hey Loy do you have any info about the android smartphone presence in nigeria ?

  2. Loy Okezie says:

    I’m not sure it’s commercially available yet in Nigeria.

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