Sunday, February 25, 2024
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WiMAX comes to Africa

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Taiwan-based telecom equipment maker Microelectronics Technology (MTI) has teamed up with South Africa-based CovergEX Technologies to jointly develop the WiMAX market in Africa, according to MTI.

Under the cooperation agreement, MTI will manufacture 802.16e Wave 2 WiMAX outdoor CPE (customer premise equipment) for CovergEX, which will then market the products in its domestic market and other markets in Africa, MTI said.

As MTI’s products have completed interoperability testing (IOT) with WiMAX networks in South Africa, MTI will begin to ship WiMAX CPE devices to CovergEX in the fourth quarter of this year, MTI indicated.

The cooperation deal will help MTI expand its WiMAX business in most emerging markets in Africa, contended MTI president Allen Yen.


  1. Thanks for this noble venture between MTI and CovergEX.

    Telecommunication regulators in Africa should allow us the end -users free access to WiMax access without much measures protocols .

    WiMax is very good for coporate bodies,schools, Universities, Government Ministries, Rural areas, shopping complexes,Airports and large buildings with many visitors on the move to go oline with their laptops and access internet without registration as it is mainly unsecured access.

    Sabinus Ezeoke
    P.O.Box 43,Surulere-Lagos

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