TM Forum’s new Transformation Resource Center to transform transformation

Global Service Providers are set to benefit from TM Forum’s announcement today launching its new Transformation Resource Center. Created to help the industry understand and address transformation, it pulls together relevant assets from across the TM Forum’s extensive library of resources including case studies, industry analysis, market surveys, best practices and benchmarks.

By leveraging the TM Forum’s collective knowledge base, the new Transformation Resource Center will help the industry build best practices, practical guidelines, tools, techniques and training focused on service providers looking to transform their enterprises.

TM Forum members will then be able to use the assets of the Transformation Resource Center in all aspects of their transformation projects, from infrastructure and systems transformations through to people and process transformations.

According to Rob Rich, Managing Director of TM Forum’s Transformation Resource Center, “Many of our members are currently implementing transformation programs at various levels. A great deal of practical knowledge is being gained in service providers; integrators and technology supplier organizations. While some of this knowledge is clearly commercially sensitive, the Transformation Resource Center is uniquely placed to help the industry worldwide establish a body of information. Our growing web communities allow people from many companies to collaborate online and share information. This allows us to reach thousands of people in member companies, garnering ‘real world’ knowledge and providing a credible source of information on transformation.”

The Transformation Resource Center will establish the TM Forum as a highly regarded, industry neutral, major information resource for service providers on every aspect of transformation. In addition, it will also provide stronger coordination of the TM Forum’s assets, including technical and business collaboration programs, events, training, webinars and publications.