The most amazing movie locations search engine on the internet

Have you ever left the cinema wondering just where that beautiful beach scene was shot? Or pondered what the setting for that harrowing battle sequence looks like in real life? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to plan a trip to visit and take your own pictures of the places where some of your favourite movies were made?

Well now you can find out all you need to know with just a few clicks! is a great resource: search by location or by movie to see pictures and find out about all the locations featured in a film or all the movies or TV programmes made at any particular place. Think your location is too small or obscure? Try it: we’ve got over 3.6 million of them! That includes individual areas, villages and places of interest as well as all the major towns and cities.

Not only that, if you know a lot about a particular location or movie, you can add or edit the info and pictures yourself! It’s free to join and very easy to add information or upload pictures or videos.

Once you’ve joined, you can link up with others who share your passion for films, TV or travel. FamousLocations is not just information: it’s a community. Been involved yourself, filming at a particular place? Share your pictures and knowledge! Want to know what’s famous in your area or the place you’re heading to? Just search by location and find out all you need to know. Google Mash Up map technology on location pages enables you to view that location and other locations in the area. On movie pages you can see a movie map of all locations used in the movie.

Other features include ratings, trailers, and production diaries of actors, crew and directors. What are you waiting for?!