The Google Africa Footprint

Google.Office.jpgThe current Google mania in South Africa is inescapable. Their footprint is being felt in all sectors of the South African economy with a complete suit of services finally at our finger tips.

Their presence in South Africa brings about new products, services and innovations for both companies and end-users. The suite of services include Google Enterprise Search, Google Apps Security, Compliance and a variety of Free software services. This also means a price reduction on specific Enterprise solutions and enhanced corporate network security solutions.

Google has shown us the door and some of our companies are walking through it!

The IT services company Faritec was one of the first Google partners in South Africa since the search giant’s arrival. Faritec anticipates the growth from the Google partnership to be exponential, with
conservative sales estimates of R20 million within the first year of trading.

Grove Group another Enteprise partner running operations from Cape Town is the leading Google security distributor in Africa. Google bought the security solution for $625million in 2007 and have made
immediate new friends with Grove Group who have sold this solution worldwide.

Unfortunately, not all is good and well if we look at the fist fight Entelligence Ltd is having with the internet giant. With no agreement in sight Google aims to cancel all deals they entered into with Entelligence who were about to open a new landscape by integrating Google AdWords with South Africa’s very own yellow pages.

Still, the future seems bright with new and stronger Enterprise Professionals extending their relevance within the South African market. This all thanks to the Google brand name; now the most recognized brand name in the world.

The Google brand is seen to be everything, but no doubt their financial muscle will be integral to their bid to conquer the African continent.


  1. Entelligence has filed a formal complaint with the Competition Commission – this complaint is currently under investigation. Entelligence has accused Google of breaching competition law by attempting to induce a customer to not deal with a specific supplier. Google has told Entelligence that they will not allow them to service Yellow Pages.

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