Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Protests against Ghana Telecom sale

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TELECOM.jpgYesterday hundreds of activists in Ghana protested outside the parliament against the sale of West Africa’s third largest mobile group, Ghana Telecom to Vodafone.
The protest was to interrupt the emergency session in parliament, which was held to confirm the multi-million dollar deal.
Arguing that the deal is not of national interest, protesters last month spoiled attempts to have the deal confirmed before a break was held at parliament. Vodafone offered to pay 900 million dollars for 70 percent in Ghana Telecom; but opponents say shares are undervalued.
Kwesi Pratt, the march organizer and prominent activist told protestors, “The Vodafone deal stinks to the high heavens. It doesn’t make sense.”
While many went against the deal, many Ghana Telecom workers marched in support of the deal, because they see the deal with Vodafone as being refreshing and good for the company

By IT News Africa staff reporter

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