Nigeria: Microsoft’s fight to stop piracy – failed

images_23.jpgAccording to THISDAY the effects of the anti-piracy battle launched by Microsoft and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has made more room for people in the illegal trade.

The raid which led to the arrest of vendors, that was caught making use the Microsoft operating system illegally. Microsoft promised and the beginning of this battle, to organize a development programe as an attempt to keep merchants especially youth away from piracy activities.

The situation has however become worse as a lot of people are said to be taking a new interest in the illegal coping of software applications, which they then sell for 100 percent below the original price.

ICT creates more than 10 million direct jobs and supply about $ 1 trillion to the global economy, but due to piracy the revenue of Nigerian professionals have been affected drastically.

Nigeria is said to have the biggest market in Africa for the infringement on IP rights. A software seller told THISDAY that Microsoft is not serious about tackling piracy. Microsoft according to him has only put up the programe to educate people about its new products and how they are operated. He goes on to say that piracy is mostly used by good people who cannot afford to but original software packages.

By IT News Africa staff reporter