Consology and Carrier IQ partner to bring Mobile Service Intelligence to Africa

Consology, a pioneer in the South African Self-Service market, has been appointed by Carrier IQ to distribute and implement its Mobile Service Intelligence solutions to mobile telecom operators in Africa.

Carrier IQ is the leading provider of Mobile Service Intelligence solutions that use the mobile phone to give detailed metrics on usage and usability, hence providing mobile operators with actionable insight into the experiences subscribers are having with their phones, applications and network services.

This insight into the actual customer experience helps mobile operators make intelligent business decisions that dramatically lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, help in network optimisation, offer higher quality of service and reduce customer churn.

Carrier IQ’s Mobile Service Intelligence solution automatically provides accurate, real-time data directly from subscribers’ handsets and then aggregates, analyses and delivers this data via easy-to-use web applications. The solution can capture data on every service and network layer, including radio frequency (RF), internet protocol (IP), voice, integrated applications and even downloaded software.

In the past, operators have had to use expensive and unreliable methods of gathering this data, such as drive testing, using network probes and protocol sniffers, conducting user surveys, and collecting data from customers that call into contact centres.

Says John Ziniades, CEO of Consology: “As Carrier IQ’s official African partner, Consology will look to offer the Carrier IQ solutions to our existing customers in the telecom space as well as other operators across Africa.”

“The Carrier IQ product range fits in well with Consology’s focus on providing solutions that help clients to decrease operating costs and customer churn while boosting customer satisfaction. Like our Self-Service solutions, the Carrier IQ products help telecom operators and service providers focus on providing the very best customer experience by taking the view of the customer into the organisation.”

Says Mark Quinlivan, CEO at Carrier IQ: “Consology is an ideal partner for us and has a proven track record in providing service management solutions to the South African telecommunications market, as well as a good understanding of Mobile Service Intelligence. We look forward to work with Consology to roll out solutions that help African operators drive customer loyalty and retention, improve quality and time to market of their services, and solve the real business challenges they face in an increasingly competitive market.”

Consology has already deployed the Mobile Service Intelligence solution on several handsets in South Africa and is currently collecting data that will prove invaluable to South African mobile operators in understanding the true handset experience of their customers. Consology plans to expand this solution to other African countries in the near future.

About Consology

Consology provides Self-Service and Customer Management solutions that connect businesses to tangible and rapid return on investment and customers to superior service. Consology has pioneered the self-service market, implementing self-service and e-Billing solutions that benchmark new standards for online self-service in South Africa.

Consology consultants have been involved in global self-service and customer management projects for some of the world’s largest companies across a variety of industries spanning financial services, utilities, healthcare, retail and telecommunications. Companies include Avaya, BT, KPN, Target, Tele2, Telecom Italia and the US Department of Education. Locally, Consology has deployed self-service solutions for large-scale clients such as MTN, the South African Post Office and Nashua Mobile.

Founded in 2000, Consology is a certified applications partner of Oracle Corporation. More information about Consology is available at

About Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ enables mobile carriers, phone manufacturers and service providers to improve their offerings based on direct insight into the customer experience. Deployed on over 30M phones from 8 leading vendors world-wide, Carrier IQ is the world’s leading provider of Mobile Service Intelligence solutions that use the mobile phone to give detailed metrics on service quality and usage. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Carrier IQ is a privately held, venture capital-financed company with offices in USA, UK and Malaysia. Please visit