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South Africa: Multimatics empowers local business

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Supporting those in need is something all South-Africans should consider, and why not help those in need when you are in a
position to do so. The sun is shining brightly for Musawenkosi Madlala this festive season after he ran into a bit of luck when
promoting his car wash business. Musawenkosi Madlala started washing cars at French Park office park in Randburg three years ago. With a brush, a dustpan and a hosepipe at his disposal he offered his services to companies in this business park. Proving to be a hard worker he soon had an established and happy client base.

Having no outside support, a tenant at the business park suggested that he should buy a vacuum cleaner and he could access electricity from his shop. Without any hesitation, Musawenkosi started saving for
a vacuum cleaner. He religiously deposited R150 per week at the bank although with a business that is so dependant on the weather this wasn’t always a possibility. Despite the challenges, six months later he had his vacuum cleaner.

When some of the French Park tenants moved to other business parks, Madlala’s business began to struggle. He did not have transport to reach his customers at their new places of work. SpecialistTelecommunications company, Multimatics, has been a loyal customerfor three years and saw great potential in Madlala. Multimatics sponsored him a Toyota Camry in order for him to expand his business and to enable him to visit other companies to wash cars. I couldn’t believe it when Multimatics approached me and told me that they were giving me a car, I am extremely happy and grateful, says

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