Workgroup announces McAfee DLP availability

October 18, 2007 • Security

Local distribution house, Workgroup, has announced the immediate availability of McAfee’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Host, a comprehensive solution that prevents confidential data loss through malicious and unintentional means.

DLP offers organisations full control and absolute visibility to data leaving endpoints via email, instant messaging, printed documents, USB drives, CD-ROMs, and more.

Recent data losses have translated directly into lost revenues, reduced stock price and market capitalisation, tarnished brand
reputation and reduced consumer confidence, says Bernadine Botha, McAfee product manager at Workgroup.
McAfee DLP Host includes features such as content and context-aware protection to block sensitive data transfer even if the
data is manipulated, copied, pasted, compressed or encrypted,she says. DLP Host also provides universal protection by preventing data loss at work, as well as “protection-on-the-go” for remote users at home or on the road by enforcing data protection policies even when laptops are disconnected from the corporate network.
DLP Host is comprised of agent software and a logging and management server. From this server, security administrators deploy centrally managed policies to the endpoints, monitor real-time events and generate reports. With McAfee DLP Host, endpoints are monitored and data usage and transfer is restricted based on established policies.

The result is a cost-effective and flexible solution that offers innovative and effective methods for preventing confidential data
loss, says Botha.

Contact information
Workgroup, Bernadine Botha, (011) 654-6128,
PR Queries, Andrea Slater, (076) 813-3497,



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