No iPhone for South Africa yet


But Taiwanese handset will be here soon and ’can do everything’.

One of the most hyped technologies in the US will be launched will be launched this week when Apple unveils its new iPhone. But for South Africa and the rest of the world, it’s a non-event.
“The US is the only market scheduled to launch the product, release date set at June 29,” said Apple. “Other markets are yet to be announced, and there is no information at all about the South African market.”

Meanwhile, Taiwanese technology group HTC Corp is launching its “iPhone killer” here in August.

The device will work on all three local networks and is expected to sell at most cellphone stockists for about R4500, HTC spokesman Mike Sharman said.

“We are unaware of what the Apple iPhone is actually going to be able to do. Our phone, the HTC Touch, is a smartphone, which basically means you can e-mail, call, SMS and access the Internet as well as play MP3s and do anything that you would be able to do on a personal digital assistant and more. It is one of the only devices to have Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.”

Apple said the iPhone will offer revolutionary technology including “significantly longer battery life resulting in eight hours of talk time, six hours of Internet use, seven hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback.”

Apple has forecast selling 10 million iPhones next year, which would outdo its best-selling product to date, the iPod.

Apple is launching two models on Friday, a four-gigabyte version for 499 (R3575) and an eight-gigabyte model for 559 (R4000).

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  1. HTC, ha they will never overtake the iPhone. You have to come to reality and ask yourself, would you rather have an HTC phone or an apple iphone. The question is obvious you all know it. Im sorry hTc but you will never ever take over Apple wich is probably the most well know company in the world. Htc is a taiwaniese company aswell so ya umm………………..

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