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Commvault’s SHIFT Roadshow Cloud Deliverables: SA Edition

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Vusi Melane
Vusi Melane
Staff Writer

Commvault recently launched the first phase of its SHIFT Roadshow Event at The Leonardo in Sandton, South Africa. The next two phases will take place in Denmark and Israel, respectively. Titled “Everything You Know is About to SHIFT – SA Edition,” the event delved into the evolving landscape of cyber resilience.

IT industry stakeholders gathered alongside industry leaders, experts, Commvault executives, partners, and fellow customers to attend presentations aimed at addressing current issues. As the event host, Commvault immersed all attendees in the potential of AI to effectively enhance cyber resilience across hybrid environments.

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Key topics 

  • Harnessing the potential of AI to bolster cyber resilience effectively across hybrid environments.
  • Insights into groundbreaking AI and Security collaborations.
  • Real- world examples showcasing how industry peers are elevating their data security strategies through Commvault innovations.
  • A fresh perspective on combating ransomware threat.

Cloud cleanroom recovery

The spotlight was on Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery, an innovation revolutionizing how companies recover clean data post-cyberattacks. It offers on-demand recovery to the cloud, accessible for organizations of all sizes, and allows for monthly testing to ensure readiness. The solution incorporates AI-driven validation, seamless integration with Microsoft Defender, and forthcoming integration with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR for enhanced security and efficiency. Hailed as a game-changer, Commvault also seized the opportunity to announce its acquisition of Appranix, a cloud cyber resilience company. This strategic move aims to expedite enterprises’ recovery after an outage or attack. The Appranix technology will be seamlessly integrated and delivered within Commvault Cloud, now accessible via the AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure marketplaces. This technology seamlessly integrates within Cleanroom Recovery, offering competitive advantages across software, SaaS, and applications. Appranix automates the cloud application discovery and rebuild process, further enhancing Commvault’s comprehensive cyber resilience offerings.

Robust API-first integrations

In exclusive interviews about the SA event, SVP & General Manager, EMEA & India, Richard Gadd says “Commvault features numerous robust API-first integrations that extend beyond Microsoft Defender to include partnerships with industry leaders like CyberArk, Darktrace, Palo Alto Networks, Netskope, and more, enhancing our platforms versality and reach. Ensuring a wide range of support across multiple platforms and workloads is critical to enabling a unified security strategy that enhances threat detection and management across your entire IT environment. This enables Commvault to offer tailored solutions that improve a company’s cyber resilience, simplify their data management, and ensure a seamless operation across diverse systems. This broad integration capability allows for more flexible, scalable, and secure data protection strategies, crucial for modern enterprises facing complex cybersecurity challenges.”

Cyber-attacks not unique to any region

Regional Vice President & General Manager Emerging Markets for Commvault, Fady Richmany adds “Cybercrime and cyber-attacks transcend geographical boundaries, posing significant threats globally, and this is not unique to any region. Cyber-attacks have become increasingly prevalent, with a rise in ransomware incidents and data breaches affecting organisations worldwide. These attacks target businesses of all sizes and industries, emphasising the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard data and operations. Some sobering statistics include: 99% of ransomware tampers with security and backup infrastructure, 66% of organisations surveyed by Commvault were breached in 2023 and 24 days is the average reported time to recover from a cyber-attack.  As a result, businesses, including South African and African ones can reduce their risk of loss of data through the following solutions (to mention a few).”

SA market

Regional Manager for Commvault South Africa & SADC, Graham Brown concludes by saying “To contextualise, businesses in South Africa grapple with numerous cybersecurity challenges, including the escalating threat of cyber-attacks, resulting in substantial financial losses and operational disruptions.”

“At the South Africa event, we aim to highlight the significance of AI-driven cyber resilience for businesses today, highlighting the importance of leveraging AI to bolster data security in hybrid environments.  Businesses need to understand the role of AI-driven solutions to combat emerging threats like ransomware, which exploit advancements in machine learning and generative AI.” said Brown


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