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Treepz CEO & Co-Founder Recognized as Techstars Mentor 2023

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Treepz, Africa’s corporate mobility startup announces that its CEO & Co-founder, Onyeka Akumah, has been named a Techstars Global All-Star Mentor for 2023.

Akumah’s achievement is especially remarkable, considering there are fewer than five All-Star Mentors from Africa among the 4,000+ Techstars Mentor Network globally. Over the past three years, he has actively mentored more than 60 startups and founders, showcasing his unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

In 2023, PitchBook recognized Techstars as the largest pre-seed investor globally, making it a renowned platform for investment and innovation. It selects only a handful of exceptional mentors annually from its extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Techstars chooses these individuals for their outstanding expertise, leadership, and dedication to supporting the next generation of startup founders.

Akumah expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating, “I am deeply honored to be named a Techstars Global All-Star Mentor for 2023. I am committed to leveraging this platform to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and foster innovation that drives positive change across Africa and beyond.”

Akumah’s appointment as a Techstars Global All-Star Mentor underscores his notable achievements and contributions to the startup ecosystem. As the CEO and Co-founder of Treepz, Onyeka Akumah has demonstrated profound dedication to driving innovation and empowering mobility solutions that improve daily commutes for individuals and businesses across the African continent, serving close to 5 million customers.

Through his mentorship, Akumah has shared invaluable insights and experiences, guiding startups to overcome challenges, scale their businesses, and create meaningful impact. His passion for empowering entrepreneurs aligns with Techstars’ mission to support and invest in the world’s most promising startups.

Sarah Wadud, Senior Manager of the TechStars Global Mentor Program, “Onyeka Akumah’s esteemed recognition is not merely a title but a testament to his exceptional dedication, expertise, and the profound impact he has made within our community. Being chosen for the All-Star Mentor program signifies him standing among the top 1% of our mentor population, highlighting his unparalleled contributions and the significant difference he makes in the lives of those he guides.”

Akumah will play a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world. With 18 years of experience, he offers valuable insights, strategic guidance, and mentorship to help startups navigate business complexities.

Treepz extends heartfelt congratulations to Onyeka Akumah on this prestigious recognition and applauds his ongoing efforts to make a meaningful impact in the startup community and beyond.

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