Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Stanchion Unveils Bold New Look: The Future of Payment Innovation

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Stanchion unveils a new brand identity, which better aligns with its dedication to driving payment solutions that reflect their role as a catalyst for digital innovation and customer-centric experiences.

CEO Steven Kirrage explains, “Our previous branding honored chip-based payment cards, but our new logo mirrors our modern PayTech role, enhancing value for financial institutions operating within legacy systems.” Stanchion’s cutting-edge products extend the lifespan of existing investments like Card Issuing platforms and Card Management Systems, amplifying their capabilities.

Connecting legacy and innovation 

With 23 years of experience assisting global banks and financial service institutions, Stanchion’s new logo captures its expertise in bridging technological gaps and meeting evolving customer expectations. Kirrage emphasizes the importance of agile innovation in staying competitive and meeting modern payment demands.

Payment Fabric Technology 

Stanchion’s Verto Payment Fabric, built on advanced fabric-based computing, facilitates interoperability between legacy and modern payment systems, enhancing customer experience, operational efficiency, and market agility. This technology, already deployed across five continents, empowers banks and payment providers to adapt to changing market dynamics while controlling IT costs.

The brand’s deep blue hue symbolizes wisdom and stability, complementing its vibrant orange and white colors, which represent energy, optimism, and precision. The logo’s subtle nodes signify Stanchion’s commitment to agile innovation and efficient product management.

Kirrage concludes, “Our brand relaunch reflects our commitment to connecting today’s payment changes with tomorrow’s needs. We’re excited to roll out our new identity across all platforms in March, reaffirming our dedication to driving payment transformation.”

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