Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Key Topics at the Forefront of IT News Africa’s #PublicSec2024

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On April 3, 2024, IT News Africa will host the Public Sector Cybersecurity Summit, a pivotal event that will bring together experts and leaders to discuss the most pressing cybersecurity issues facing the public sector today. The summit underscores the imperative for unity and shared strategies to fortify public sector organizations against relentless cyber-attacks.

Here are the key topics that will be at the center of discussions:

Public-Private Collaboration

The summit will emphasize the importance of strategic partnerships between public and private sectors to strengthen cybersecurity defenses. In light of recent ransomware attacks on South African government entities, fostering collaboration and sharing threat intelligence are crucial for developing joint strategies to enhance cybersecurity resilience.

Emerging Threats and Best Practices

Participants will explore emerging threats against the public sector and discuss global cybersecurity and data protection best practices. The sessions will outline how to mitigate risks and improve organizational approaches toward cybersecurity resilience

Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Attacks

A significant focus will be on addressing cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure and understanding their impact. Experts will share insights on protecting these vital systems that are essential for the functioning of society and the economy.

Cybersecurity Maturity and New Threats

The role of Government Information Technology Officers (GITOs) in considering new and emerging threats will be discussed, highlighting the need for a mature cybersecurity approach that adapts to the evolving threat landscape.

Leveraging AI for Cyber Defense

The potential of artificial intelligence in detecting and defending against cyber-attacks will be examined. This includes utilizing the latest tools and technologies to prevent and respond to cyber threats in the public sector.

Building a Cyber-Aware Culture

Addressing the human element in security is vital. The summit will delve into building a cyber-aware culture within organizations, focusing on increasing awareness, upgrading skills, and changing behavior to bolster cybersecurity.

Finally, the event will provide a platform for sharing best practices and lessons from recent cyber incidents in the public sector. This exchange of knowledge is key to learning from past experiences and improving future cybersecurity strategies.

Against the backdrop of recent ransomware attacks on notable entities in the South African government, the summit aims to facilitate discussions on fostering partnershipssharing threat intelligence, and developing joint strategies to enhance the overall cybersecurity posture within the public sector.

For more information, Visit PubliSec2024 | Register Now – IT News Africa | Events

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