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Unlocking AI-Powered Protection

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The recent unveiling of Check Point Software Technologies’ Infinity Platform represents a significant leap forward in AI-powered, cloud-delivered cybersecurity, offering comprehensive protection against the evolving threat landscape.

Gil Shwed, CEO & Founder of Check Point Software Technologies, recently provided insights into the redefined Infinity Platform, marking its development as a milestone in cybersecurity technology. The platform is designed to address modern cybersecurity challenges by leveraging AI-powered, real-time defense mechanisms. Its introduction comes at a crucial time, with ransomware attacks increasing by 90% in 2023 and a significant talent gap in the cybersecurity industry.


The Check Point Infinity Platform distinguishes itself through a trio of technologies that collectively redefine cybersecurity norms: AI-powered threat prevention, cloud-delivered threat intelligence, and collaborative security operations. Each element contributes individually to the platform’s robust defense mechanisms and pools together to create a comprehensive security posture greater than the sum of its parts.

AI-Powered Threat Prevention: Beyond merely preventing over 3 billion attacks annually, the platform’s use of over 50 AI engines represents a paradigm shift in identifying and neutralizing cyber threats. This AI-driven approach enables predictive security measures, identifying and mitigating potential threats before they can manifest into actual attacks. By analyzing patterns and learning from a global data pool, the Infinity Platform offers real-time and predictive threat intelligence, enabling businesses to stay several steps ahead of cybercriminals.

Cloud-Delivered Threat Intelligence: The capability to share real-time global threat intelligence in less than 2 seconds is not just about speed; it’s about leveraging the cloud to democratize access to cybersecurity insights globally. This instant sharing mechanism ensures that all users of the Infinity Platform benefit from the latest threat intelligence, no matter where they are located. It’s a dynamic, constantly evolving defense network that adapts to new threats as they emerge, ensuring that the security posture of each client is as current and robust as possible.

Collaborative Security Operations: The emphasis on collaborative security operations breaks down silos between different security tools and teams. By providing complete visibility across the network, cloud, and endpoints, the Infinity Platform facilitates a unified response to threats, enabling different components of an organization’s security infrastructure to work together seamlessly. This collaborative approach enhances the efficiency of threat detection and response and streamlines security management, allowing for a more agile adaptation to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

By integrating AI-driven insights with cloud agility and fostering collaboration across security operations, the platform defends against today’s threats and anticipates and neutralizes tomorrow’s threats. It’s a holistic approach to cybersecurity that ensures businesses can operate with confidence in a digital landscape fraught with risks.

The Value for Westcon-Comstor Partners and Their Customers

The introduction of Check Point’s Infinity Platform through Westcon-Comstor presents a multitude of strategic benefits for partners and their customers, highlighting the critical advantages and opportunities that the platform brings to the table. This signifies a leap in technological innovation and showcases how Westcon-Comstor partners can leverage these features to enhance their service offerings, streamline operations, and provide unparalleled protection to their clientele.

Streamlined Security Operations

For Westcon-Comstor partners, the Check Point Infinity Platform offers an opportunity to simplify their customers’ security operations. The platform’s unified management and automated threat response systems enable businesses to streamline their cybersecurity efforts, reducing complexity and operational overhead.

Enhanced Protection and Compliance

The platform’s comprehensive protection capabilities ensure that partners can offer their customers a solution that not only defends against a wide array of digital threats but also aids in maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. This is particularly valuable in industries where data security is paramount.

Competitive Advantage

Leveraging the Infinity Platform allows Westcon-Comstor partners to differentiate themselves by offering a state-of-the-art, AI-powered cybersecurity solution. This enhances their portfolio and positions them as trusted advisers in the cybersecurity domain.

Customers leveraging the Infinity Platform gain more than a security solution; they adopt a proactive stance against cyber threats, ensuring business continuity and compliance with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. The platform’s seamless integration across various IT environments provides a versatile, scalable solution adaptable to any business size or type.

Choosing the Infinity Platform means embracing a cybersecurity strategy where innovation meets efficiency, offering a clear path to navigating and mastering tomorrow’s digital challenges. It’s not just about defending against threats; it’s about enabling growth, fostering trust, and securing a competitive edge in a digital-first world.

For Westcon-Comstor partners, this translates into an opportunity to redefine value in the cybersecurity space, enhancing their offerings and strengthening customer relationships with technology that’s as forward-thinking as it is robust.

By integrating this advanced platform into their offerings, partners can secure their customers’ digital assets and pave the way for a safer, more secure digital future.

By Aveshan Aiyer, Channel Manager – Check Point, Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa

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