Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Qlik Launches its First-ever AI Council

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Qlik is paving the way for responsible AI development by establishing its inaugural AI Council.

This initiative reinforces its’ commitment to cutting-edge and ethical AI, positioning it at the core of the company’s mission and industry proposition.

The Generative AI Benchmark Report by Qlik revealed that 31% of senior executives plan to invest over $10 million in generative AI initiatives in the upcoming year, with 79% already having invested in generative AI tools or projects. However, the report highlighted the imperative need for proper data governance as AI is democratized across the workforce. The newly formed AI Council addresses these challenges and guides best practices.

Council members play a key role in directing Qlik’s R&D, shaping the product roadmap, and promoting responsible AI use. They also educate leaders on AI’s potential.

The AI Council includes renowned experts:

  • Nina Schick- Author, Advisor & Founder of an advisory firm focused on GenAI
  • Dr. Rumman Chowdhury- Responsible AI leader, engineer, auditor & investor 
  • Kelly Forbes- Co-Founder and Executive Director, AI Asia Pacific Institute
  • Dr. Michael Bronstein- DeepMind Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Oxford

Qlik CEO Mike Capone stresses the AI Council’s strategic importance, underscoring the commitment to advancing ethical AI initiatives. Qlik’s pivotal initiative democratizes AI, ensuring accessibility and aligning with the mission of driving substantial, data-driven business outcomes.

Qlik’s AI Council members will focus on the opportunities and challenges for businesses exploring automation in their data strategies.

Rumman Chowdhury enthusiastically shared, “I am excited to join Qlik’s AI Council and work with some of the greatest minds in AI to optimize how businesses around the world use data.”

Stephanie Robinson, IT Business Intelligence Manager at JBS, commended Qlik’s responsible and pragmatic approach to enterprise AI development, aligning with JBS’s focus on employing technology to drive substantial business outcomes.

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